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Attacking, or offensive, strategy pursues the aim to win or expand a market share, it is essential to increase number of clients, to occupy steadier and independent situation in the market. There is a concept of an optimum market share which provides necessary profit level for the company without damage to quality of the provided services. If the occupied share of the market is lower optimum (profit it is small, there is a task or to take measures to its expansion, or to leave from the market. At unreasonable, poor, excessive increase in a share of the market quality of the provided tourist services can significantly suffer.

Edition circulation not always authentically reflects reader's audience. This results from the fact that, on the one hand, real readers of some editions can be much more, than subscribers, and with another, free of charge distributed advertizing newspapers can be simply not read and at once are thrown out.

For example, if advertizing is placed once in one issue of any newspaper, SRT pays off as the sum of all costs of placement of this advertizing / divided into average number of readers into one release. However it is better to take data on number of readers from special researches as circulation does not reflect that situation when some people can read one newspaper.

The target group of advertizing influence (target group) — is part of the population to which it is necessary to inform an advertisement. The problem of allocation of target group of advertizing influence is rather difficult for tourist products and services as its decision requires carrying out a complex of special and expensive market researches. In practice most often for allocation of target group use heuristic methods, i.e. describe group on the basis of some personal experience and intuition.

For the enterprises of service statement and achievement of the image purposes is very important task. It is connected with that quality of services can be estimated only after their use and for attraction and deduction of clients the firm has to have a certain image strategy. Taking into account that now the main field of competitive fight in the sphere of service

The purposes of an advertizing campaign have to be formulated enough definitely and specifically. Usually they are described in parameters of communicative or economic efficiency, for example, to bring knowledge of a new tourist's product to 75% of target audience or to increase sales volumes by 10%. The purpose has to be real and achievable. Reality of a goal

the directed impulse — is used for advance of separate goods and services acquisition of these goods or service during passing of this advertizing schedule significantly increased in comparison with other periods.

Media researches are based on the analysis of a certain selection of population. Population — is that group of the population which needs to be investigated and which is target audience of this advertizing campaign.

When planning an advertizing campaign in tourism it must be kept in mind that often it does not make sense of a message a continuous advertizing campaign for a long time. Much more effectively between the active periods of advertizing to do a break. It is also expedient to consider seasonality of consumer demand and to plan peaks of an advertizing campaign before approach of the next season to manage to create interest in the advertized tourist's products.

To make a detailed plan of placement and the edition of advertizing, having specified advertizing means, frequency of placement of the advertizing messages, terms of placement responsible for action, etc. All this has to be specified and coordinated according to really allocated money on carrying out an advertizing campaign.

Media planning is urged to provide increase of efficiency of an advertizing campaign due to achievement of an optimum ratio between the planned purposes of an advertizing campaign and minimization of expenses on its carrying out.