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Order, certainly, are an action product. If all social actions would be reduced to actions of one person, their research would be complicated. Therefore the speech most often goes about actions of big structures, and the order in this case facilitates to the person life.

How it is possible to understand social actions? First, we have to share the concepts determined by the nature and the concepts caused by spirit of the person. Except logical approaches perhaps substantial understanding of the nature and spirit. Only thanks to actions of the person separate events make the sense, events deprived of sense, belong to the nature. Everywhere, where we deal with actions, we want to know not only the generalized signs, but also their features. The historical science, in this case, wants to explain individual events which make sense. Proceeding from these reasons, M. Weber speaks about the understanding sociology, connecting human activity with understanding and inner meaning. We put ourselves on a position acting, proceeding from prospects of the accomplice of this action. Further M. Weber comes to a conclusion that everywhere where possibly understanding, we owe this opportunity to use for a causal explanation. Let's consider the content of concept of action. In the center of this consideration - itself acting, and three aspects of its relations are allocated: to physical objects, to other people, to cultural values and ideals which make sense. Each action is somehow connected with three of these relations, and acting not only corresponds, but also is caused by these three relations.

Let's try to give the short characteristic of this phenomenon. Charismatic domination - the closed socially closed relations which charismatic leader applies for exclusiveness, the same who enters under influence of the leader, rejects the former relation to people around. Weakness of the movement in - the organizations since it is required to immortalize the dignity of the leader in the history.

The participants of actions who are guided by a certain rule realize the actions and, therefore, the participant has more chances to understand action. Distinction between valuable and purposeful type of activity consists that the purpose is understood as idea of success which becomes the action reason, and value - idea of a debt. People in the acts can be both are purposeful, and are value-oriented, but nevertheless they act in certain social communications not separately. It leads to consideration of the social relations. The social relations arise when some And is focused on In, and In is focused on And, i.e. there is relationship, and a consent And and In unreliable, rather mutual orientation to another (when And and In various types of action). There are some rules of coordination of action: