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Informational writing for a research paper

Word "style" of the Greek origin. Originally it meant a core for the writing on a wax board, and later was used in handwriting value. From here it is possible to consider that style of the management – some kind of "handwriting" in actions of the manager

In search of the reasons the leader tries to receive three various types of information about behavior of the subordinate, difference degree, sequence and degree of uniqueness. The first is connected with desire of the head to understand communication between behavior and work from that point of view, distinctive features of a task can attribute how this behavior. Secondly, the leader is interested in that, how the subordinate is consecutive in manifestations of this behavior or as often such behavior at it is shown. And at last, the leader considers as far as other subordinates behave in the same way. That is, whether this behavior is unique, characteristic for one subordinate or is observed at many.

Allocate formal and informal leadership. In the first case influence on subordinates appears from post positions. Process of influence on people through personal abilities, abilities and other resources received the name of informal leadership.