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The microwave oven heat treatment possesses some other advantages. So, lack of the traditional heat carrier provides sterility of process and a bezinertsionnost of regulation with heating. Changing frequency, it is possible to achieve heating of various components of object. Microwave ovens electrothermal installations occupy the space smaller, than similar installations with the traditional power drive, and make smaller harmful effects on environment under the best working conditions of the service personnel.

At electrolytic condensers considerable decrease in resistance of leak leads to violation of an operating mode of transistors and chips. Complexity of detection of the lowered resistance of leak consists that it can be shown energized at the working device.

Reasons: break of one of transitions of the transistor, break of R1, R to Check the saturation mode by parallel connection to R1 of the additional resistor of close face value. Thus tension on a collector of the transistor has to decrease.

During the work with high-voltage condensers it is necessary to consider the phenomenon of the absorption of electric charges in dielectric causing incomplete return of energy (from 3 to 5%) at the fast category of the condenser on loading – it is life-threatening.

Mechanical damages of contacts, pollution of electric contacts, failure of mechanical devices (springs, separate details), electric breakdown of insulating material of the switch, short circuit between contact groups, jamming of mechanical parts as a result of their wear can be the reasons of malfunctions of switching products.

At a choice of the electrolytic condenser except nominal capacity, it is necessary to consider working tension, current of leak should not exceed 1 on 1. Giving of tension of the return polarity is inadmissible.